I did it. I am permanently altered.

I did it. I am permanently altered.





Some more kindness!

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Faith in humanity restored, I hope good things befall on them.

bless you Bagel Jesus

Yea I’m stuck on bagel Jesus too.


i talk a lot of shit for someone who’s scared to make a phone call tbh


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that last gif should be in a museum.

Omg imagine a gif museum


Two times Jared couldn’t quite hide his smile


Do you ever crave to be touched? Even in the most innocent way. I want someone to just hug me for a very long time or someone to lean against/ someone to lean on me. Maybe while sitting or laying next to someone just to have our legs, arms, or feet touching would be nice. I think that when you’re lonely for so long you constantly want to feel someone against you just as a constant reminder that you’re not alone.

Is it weird that I went to bed simply because my phone was dying!

And we deserve to experience love fully, equally, without shame and without compromise. (x)






When there’s something strange

In your neighbourhood

Who you gonna call




okay but like I know I usually yell and cry about Jared because I love him so much but

man I don’t love enough on the other guy

let’s talk about jensen ackles

jensen who is a little bit shy and a reserved but he’s got a smile that crinkles his eyes and makes his freckles pop and lights up the…

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Happy Birthday Cici!!!!

My computer is out of commission or I would have made a graphic of some kind, sorry.
I hope today is grand!

Don’t bitch and moan and cry about how some guy may have given you an STD when you slept with him knowing he might. Then don’t parade around and talk about how you had sex with some guy last night before you’ve gotten you’re results back…. I’m sorry but that’s hypocritical and I hate hypocrites.

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It’s really hard to sit around and listen to your best friend make wedding plans with other people when you’re not even part of the wedding. Especially when not even a year ago, just months before she got engaged she said you would be…. its hard and I’m not hiding the fact my feelings are hurt. I know it’s her wedding and she wants to keep it small, but I feel left out. She went dress shopping today and didn’t ask if I wanted to go after having sat with me.for hours asking my opinion on dresses in magazines and online…..
So yeah… feelings are hurt.

"Feeling beautiful has nothing to do with what you look like. I promise."
— Emma Watson (via stefakitty)